Public Records

Because of the demand for public record database access, a lot of websites offering free service has popped up. Most of these websites, however, are just lures and teasers. It’s a good but irritating business strategy. Other websites require you to pay a free, but most are not straightforward about it. They make it seem that you’re getting their service free of charge, but before you can view the results they will ask for payment. Only government websites will give 100% free access to their public record database online.

Literally speaking, public records are free. In the strictest definition, public records are all documents of information about people and transactions kept by the government that are for public viewing. Viewing these public documents is free, gathering them however, is a completely different story. You have to go to one agency after another to get these records. Surely, you don’t expect free transportation, do you?

There are different types of public records like criminal records, birth certificates, marriage records, licenses; the list goes on and on. Specific records are required for various transactions. This is the reason why public records are stored and maintained by the government and why a lot of independent websites offer services that will allow you to view them. Since there is a large demand for public records, there are many sites offering access to their database for a price.

There is virtually no way you can get public records for free, in the strictest sense of the word. Even the public records the government has a fee, although indirectly. Taxpayers’ money is used to maintain these records. Besides, you will have to search for it manually yourself. It may not have any monetary cost, it you’ll spend time and energy for it.

You get what you give. If you give nothing, chances are you’ll get nothing worth your time. If you really want a reliable source, then you’ll have to spend a little something. If you want to make sure you’re going with the right choice, try looking for review websites and search the name of the provider you have on your mind. So don’t waste your time looking for “free” service, you won’t find them.