Using Sharepoint To Spy On Your Colleagues

Office intranets offer a certain allure to employers paranoid that their staff are wasting time. Companies want to maximize the time each and every one of their employees spend in their office. As such, it is understandable for them to make sure that they are in good shape and are working in top condition. Manual monitoring can be a little bit too obvious as well as time consuming. Companies however were able to use Sharepoint to their advantage by spying on your colleagues.

Several companies find Sharepoint to be quite useful software to have that is able to help streamline their day to day business process. Sharepoint offers a lot of handy features making it very flexible in handling a variety of activities and one of them is monitoring. Sharepoint helps eliminate the need for lengthy explorations and investigations into your environment. Administrators can be alerted when a problem occurs in a timely and effective manner with its automated diagnostic manager’s notification which can be set to configurable thresholds.

Another handy feature Sharepoint has is its tools that are able to store historical performance data in a rich, graphical analysis for capacity and resource planning. They are sorted in a well organized manner making them fairly simple to read. This is turn makes it relatively easy for Sharepoint administrators to see and performance decline or any other related incidents. They can then make the necessary planning and create timely decisions that are based on the data that they have gathered.

Companies are able to see and check on the efficiency of the application at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. This data is based on the status such as the last run time and error message status, frequency of failure or breakdown in jobs etc. which can be accessed with just a few clicks of a button. It should also be noted that Sharepoint oftentimes runs in the background and perform their tasks usually behind the scenes regardless if no users are accessing your SharePoint sites. As a result, employees won’t be able to notice that their performance is being monitored. This is a great way to reward employees who deserve the much needed recognition while at the same time reprimand the ones who have been slacking off.

Sharepoint developers have been creating new innovations and trends companies can use for their activities. For instance, employee performance management with can be done through SharePoint which leads to effective assessment of staff’s performance. There is also competence and skills management and this is a good way to know where to put a specific employee and what position fits right perfectly for them. Goal management dashboards as well as key performance indicators help companies oversee an ongoing project giving them a clear overview as well as firm control about the activity. Performance reviews forms can help employers find what is lacking and what needs to be developed further which can also help companies consider pursuing training courses for their workers.