My Wife Is An Escort Behind My Back: And Other Private Detective Tales

My Wife Is An Escort Behind My Back: And Other Private Detective TalesPrivate detectives are often stereotyped as guys who usually smoke and wear a long, brown trench coats. They are frequently seen in movies lurking in the dark, or in their inconspicuous sedan taking photographs of their subject. Thanks to crime novels and films, this description of private detectives and investigators has been ingrained in our minds.

Like in a typical crime drama series, there are various reasons why a person would want the services of a private detective. It can be for love, money, power and other things that drive a person. That said, there are unusual motivations for hiring a private investigator (PI). This includes animal rescue, an Oscar snub and even for looking into the side job of your wife.

My Wife is an Escort Behind My Back: And Other Private Detective Tales

My wife and I have been married for two years now. Before that, we’ve been together for another two years. After meeting her through a friend, everything just happened so fast. Little do I know, there I was waiting for her at the church’s aisle. We were happy. No, we are happy. Even if we don’t have our little bundles of joy yet, we are happy and contented with our arrangement. I have the usual 8 to 5 schedule, while my wife runs a small business. Everything was going well so far, until something happened a few weeks ago.

One morning, I got up unusually early for a conference meeting. Before I headed to the shower, I saw that my wife’s phone became lit. I don’t normally go over her stuff, but I felt something weird that made me check who texted her. The message reads as, “Same time, same place.” At first, I thought that it is one of her suppliers, so I shrugged it off. Then, I readied myself for another day at the office.

I’m not a fan of reading fictional books, but for some reason, I saw my copy of Sherlock Holmes sitting in my office cabinet. After what happened earlier, my gut told me to hire a private investigator. And boy, I did not expect what he found out.

After days of secretly trailing my wife, the PI I hired told me that my wife is travelling interstate to work in a brothel. I told him that it can’t be true. But my PI showed my wife in a scantily clad outfit, entertaining VIP guests and lonely businessmen. I was mad not because she is an escort, but because she did not tell me any of this. According to my PI, my wife has been working as a high end prostitute for 8 years now. Days have passed since I was made privy to this information. And to be honest, I don’t know what to do. I asked my PI to delve further on this side business of my wife. I will update you guys once I have all the facts.